Obyte Developer Contest
Create real-world solutions with Obyte + Oscript and win!
De-Fi the odds and build scalable solutions simply with Oscript, the native language of Obyte's decentralized network. A total prize pool valued at over $30,000 is available and you have many chances to win!
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Introducing Oscript — the native language of Autonomous Agents.

The release of Autonomous Agents on Obyte's Testnet greatly expands the ability to build robust and scalable distributed applications.

An Autonomous Agent is an application that lives in perpetuity on the DAG that will always execute the program you designed it to do when called. These applications are written in Oscript, the simple, developer-friendly language of Autonomous Agents.

Learn more about Oscript on the official announcement page →

Oscript Editor

Autonomous Agents Developer Contest

August 4th - October 13th, 2019

Total Prize Pool valued at over $30,000

The contest kicks off NOW and runs until mid October. Every 2 weeks, a jury of Obyte team members lead by the platform’s founder, Tony, will announce the best entries. Autonomous Agents are live on Testnet now, and the easy to use online editor is ready for developers to explore. It even has a few nice templates to help get everyone off to an easy start.

Build Anything You Like

We have a hard time seeing the limits to the possibilities. There are countless Obyte features that can now be automated and combined using Autonomous Agents. For specific ideas on what can be built, please see the official announcement but we of course encourage your own creativity and deep understanding of specific domains or industries.

Submit Your Entry and Win!

To enter your Autonomous Agent into one of the bi-weekly contests for evaluation by the jury, you must submit your entry by posting a link to it on the Obyte Discord in the channel #aa-contest-entries accompanied by a brief description of your project. You are also welcome to provide a link to an external blog or article describing your work.

The Bi-weekly Prizes

Every other week starting on Sunday August 4th through Sunday October 13th the jury will pick the 3 most impressive and interesting entries which are then awarded with Bytes and Blackbytes. As an added bonus, there is a special prize for contestants providing the best developer guide/tutorial over the past 2 weeks! In order to be eligible to win, your entry must be submitted by the end of the day on Thursday.

Submit your entry on the Obyte Discord in the channel #aa-contest-entries accompanied by a brief description of your project.


140 GB + 422 GBB


70 GB + 147.7 GBB


35 GB + 73.85 GBB


55 GB + 116.05 GBB

Useful Links and Resources

Useful Links and Resources

Autonomous Agents update is live on Testnet, and participants therefore need a Testnet wallet to interact with their Autonomous Agents.

The Oscript editor is available online as a web based browser editor, accessible from any browser. The scripts are automatically deployed to Testnet from the editor when you click “Deploy”.

There are already extensive getting started and Oscript reference guides available on our developer resources website.

On the Obyte Discord, you will find a new channel called #autonomous-agents where developers, tutorial/guide creators, and community members interested in following the progress can share thoughts, ideas, problems, questions, answers and receive help and guidance from the Obyte core development team

For more details, please visit the official announcement →

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